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Tarun Koundinya
Total Incentive Earned

INR 99,000/-

Abhinav Sharma
Total Incentive Earned

INR 59,000/-

Supriyo Chowdhury
Total Incentive Earned

INR 57,000/-

 Anurag Bora
Total Incentive Earned

INR 49,500/-

Varun Gowda K S 
Total Incentive Earned

INR 81,500/-

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Integrated Program In Business Analytics

Business Analytics

10 Months

Ideal for: Mid-level leaders & senior-level professionals looking to gain Business Analytics knowledge to solve complex business problems and transition into Future Leaders in their domains

Upto INR 30,584

PG Certificate Program In Product Management

Product Management

6 Months

Ideal for: Working professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to become Product Experts and understand the nuances of taking an idea to the market and start their entrepreneurial journey

Upto INR 30,017

Executive PG Diploma In Management & Artificial Intelligence 

Management & AI

15 Months

Ideal for: Mid-level & aspiring leaders who seek to understand & leverage Business & Management applications of M&AI

Executive PG Diploma In Management & Artificial Intelligence

Upto INR 36,750

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Data Science

Management & AI

Business Analytics

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You get a reward of upto INR 36,750* for every friend that enrolls


INR 36,750*

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Machine Learning

Product Management


Strategic Sales Management

PG Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning

Data Science

9 Months

Ideal for: Fresh graduates, Data Science aspirants, & working professionals with good command of mathematics and logical reasoning, interested in getting an in-depth understanding of Data Science & Machine Learning concepts. 

Upto INR 15,000

Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management

Sales Management

4 Months

Ideal for: Working Sales professionals with at least 50% marks in graduation in any discipline looking at upskilling in Strategic Sales Management

Upto INR 13,625

INR 53,000/-

Saumil Nigam
Total Incentive Earned

Harish Mandowara
Total Incentive Earned

INR 48,000/-

Mohammed Mazharullah
Total Incentive Earned

INR 38,250/-

Vivek Kumar Boharpi
Total Incentive Earned

INR 37,688/-

Sign up for UNext's ‘Refer and Earn’ program. You can refer your friends in just three steps:

- Fill up the form and refer one of our programs to your friend/ friends

- Your friend enrolls in our program

- You get a reward of upto INR 36,750* for every friend that enrolls

Yes, for every friend who enrolls in any of our programs, you'll get rewarded. However, your friend/friends should have enrolled within 45 calendar days from the date you have filled the Google Form/ forms on this page, stating that you are referring them. This is to make sure that you get the benefit. Also, neither your friend should be an existing student nor should they have enquired within the last 60 days.

You can claim your reward once your friend has purchased the course, completed the payment process, and crossed the 7 calendar day money-back guarantee period.

To claim your referral reward, your friend should not be an existing student or should not have enquired in the last 60 days.


PG Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning

Cloud Computing

6 Months

Ideal for: Aspirants with a minimum 1 year of IT Developer experience and for those individuals with knowledge in developing and deploying Enterprise Applications   

Postgraduate Certificate Program in Cloud Computing  

Upto INR 12,000

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About UNext 

At UNext, we offer the most industry-relevant holistic interactive learning programs across emerging technologies. These SME-designed programs are delivered by expert faculty along with facilitating live interactions with industry experts for relevant guidance. These programs are aimed at making learners competent professionals with the appropriate skillset for a successful career! 


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Companies With Our Alumni

Hear From Our Alumni!

Malvika Sahu
Senior Lead (Analytics & Research)

"The ‘Bring Your Own Product’ (BYOP) feature is the keystone in this course for me, the deciding factor. Everyone teaches concepts & asks graded questions. BYOP sets this course apart from the crowd."

BYOP (Bring Your Own Product) gave real exposure to the complete product life cycle, which allowed me to build my own product & grow as a complete Product Manager.

Thota Phaneendra Dev
System Analyst

"The 5i Framework & ‘Bring Your Own Product’ helped me analyze the industry's current trends while observing real-time examples to solidify product development concepts."

Senior Product Executive

Anuj Verma
Data Analyst Consulting

"The faculty is wonderful, knowledgeable and is very well able to communicate their teaching. The back-end support from UNext is great."

"I enjoyed the course of Strategic Sales Management and learned a lot from it. This is an excellent course, especially for professionals, but it can also be applied in everyday life situations. The instructors are great and explain the material clearly, with plenty of examples and practice. The content is well organized and focused on practical situations. This course is short but very informative and helpful for an aspiring leader like myself."

Mousumi Saha
Territory Sales Manager

"Amazing courses and services. I enrolled in the IPBA program offered by IIM Indore & UNext. Everything was done perfectly, from the program schedule, mentors, and professors to the course delivery and material."

Shubham Arora
Senior Analytics Consultant

Anindya Lahiri
Manager (Projects)

"The course structure and content are practical, highly applicable, and aligned with the latest People & HR Analytics trends. The course curriculum focuses on preparing learners for the future of workplace management through case studies, hands-on sessions, in-depth analysis, and visualization. The program covers everything from KPIs to global analytical models and enables learners to use strategic HR metrics effectively. The sessions on Digital HR, backed by in-depth industry knowledge, are delivered by esteemed IIM Indore faculty."

"I strongly recommend this program if you are looking for an upskilling opportunity. The IIM Indore faculty are highly qualified and cater to HR professionals who are looking to upgrade their skill sets, while the UNext faculty focuses on the Analytics part of it, teaching basic to advanced tools (Excel, Tableau, Python, and more) that are essential for data analysis. The curriculum is crafted in a comprehensible language with instantaneous examples to help understand the theories of data analysis."

Dr. Bharat Chillakuri
Assistant Professor

"I have always been drawn towards People Analytics, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my professional life when I chose this program! This program offers a premium combination of expertise & experience through expert faculty from IIM Indore and UNext. They certainly possess in-depth industry insights and help us effectively understand and retain that knowledge. The support team and the program manager at UNext are also very agile in solving any certification-related queries."

Rigved Hebbalkar
Performance Manager

"Even with a B.E in E&C, I knew that I needed a specialization to make a mark. I opted for an online course & soon realized it won’t be enough. But this program with hackathons, datathons & industry interactions truly gave me my edge. And today, I’m with Amazon."

Sreshta Sinha Roy
Research Analyst

"Even during the pandemic, the placement team worked really hard to bring companies in. It was a big transition for me from the networking domain to this Data Science world but I finally got selected as a Business Consultant Intern at Eversana."

Soubhagya Ranjan Bal
Network Engineer

"As a BBM graduate, I had almost accepted that I can never make it into analytics, because of my lack of relevant education. But this program didn’t just bring me my dream job but also a salary hike of 110%."

Halappa Guruppanavar 
Business Analyst

"I've been part of the IPBA batch (Batch 9) and had a wonderful experience throughout the course. The support UNext provided throughout the course, whether you talk about extra classes for the topics that were unclear to people or anything related to access/study material, onboarding, etc., has been awesome. The faculties were good and were very supportive as well. 5 stars for the experience and knowledge I got. I will recommend aspirants who want to excel in the latest cutting-edge technologies to register for the programs from UNext without hesitation."

Kartik Jain
Quality Assurance Manager

"I recently did the Data Analytics program from UNext in collaboration with IIM Indore. I must say, great team and faculty! The content was good, and I recently got placed for an internship in Business Intelligence. They also provided us with two complimentary certification courses. Thanks to the program coordinator Moses & Team UNext!"

Revathy P
Business Intelligence Intern

Kalyan Venkatesh V
Social Media Manager

"An unforgettable experience of bettering my Analytical skills and learning the relevant topics has given me a chance to hone many skills like SQL, Big Data, Tableau, Python, Data gathering, Data manipulation, Data editing, and the functions of multiple Data Science platforms.I am really glad and proud to be an IIM alumnus after completing the Integrated Program of Business Analytics. Thanks to UNext & Indian Institute of Management, Indore, for making it a smooth experience to learn all sorts of data science-related topics and their significant use in the world of Analytics."

Rahul Shaw
Senior Key Account Executive

"I chose UNext for my learning after going through reviews and talking with some of my friends. I was looking for a Sales-related program that could add value to my knowledge, skill sets, and resume. I found one that fits my needs - The Executive Programme in Strategic Sales Management by IIM Indore and UNext. My entire experience over the past 8 months since I first started interacting with them has been excellent. We had a great introduction and comprehensive sessions by the Program Director. All the classes from UNext and IIM Indore were excellent. With the limited time we had - they all provided optimum knowledge and skill share that was possible. And now, as it ends, I confirm that it was an excellent overall experience. It is good that the team is very honest, clear, and transparent about all benefits we get and ensures that all of these are met. So, if you are a student, please do consider this a vote of confidence from my end, get complete information, and decide. Thanks to UNext."

"Just completed my PGCP in Data Science and Machine Learning offered by UNext. The program covers most areas of the data science life cycle, starting from Data collection, Data Preparation and Model Building. Various Machine Learning algorithms were taught along with the implementation. I would say for anyone keen on plunging into Data Science; this is the perfect start because the program is structured in a way that would teach and season your skills and build you ready for the market."

Sharan Bojraj
Business Analyst

"I enrolled in Integrated Program for Business Analytics-IIM, Indore, and this is the best data science course available. The modules cover a lot of ground and are industry-specific. The faculty is very helpful and always available to answer any questions or address any concerns about the module. The BYOP is a unique experience that helps people learn about data science in practice."

Ishita Charan 
Retail Billing Analyst

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